FIORDILINO’s key features are its tastefulness and lightness, which is to be attributed to its very low level of sodium and nitrate and its sensationally low level of fixed residues.

We have chosen the precious Linenflower as our mark, as the linenflower is capable to locate water even in the desert.

Fiordilino will be sold especially to hotels, offices and restaurants. One decisive characteristic is the lightness of the water. Clients tend to consume more versus waters with a higher grade of fixed residues.

Our bottle is an adornment to every table, adding an atmospheric natural touch.

We offer Fiordilino as Blue label (naturale) and Red label (frizzante) in the sizes 0,75l, 0,5l and 0,25l.

„Vivi la vita con
amore e
Brigidino Fiordilino

Our well

Fiordilino water originates from the LEVICO source at 1.600 m above see level in the Dolomite mountains near to Levico Therme.

It lies in the heart of the Sugana Valley, one of the most important valleys in the autonomous province of Trentino in Northern Italy.

Leading into the Alps' foothills, an important main north-south Roman road, the Via Claudia Augusta, one of Europe's main roads since its construction in Antiquity, winds along the valley and connects the Adriatic with the historic Holy Roman Empire.

Water always has been of utmost importance to this area, one of the most beautiful regions of northern Italy. Lake Caldonazzo and Lake Levico always attracted people, during the late 19th century tourism commenced when the Levico Therme baths were established and became popular with the upper classes.

The well disgorges a very light water with only few fixed residues, which makes it a pleasure to drink.

Where it begins

The iconic bottling plant was built in 1900. The main building was constantly adapted and modernized to meet the changing of production needs.

In order to preserve the quality of its water and to protect the environment, Fiordilino uses exclusively glass bottles. Glass is the best material for food preservation, it is ecological and 100% recyclable. Fiordilino uses recyclable packaging and low emissions transportation methods.

The Premium Water

Fiordilino is a Premium mineral water bottled directly at the source exclusively in glass to preserve the water’s high quality and pure taste.

  • Nitrates 1.3 mg per litre: among the lowest in the market, indicates purity and absence of pollution.
  • 36 mg of total dissolved solids per litre: classified as one of the lightest water in Europe
  • pH 6,5: an ideal value
  • Sodium 1.2 mg/l: low level
Chemical-Physical Analysis Element mg/L
Calcium Ca2+ 7,24
Sodium Na+ 1,26
Magnesium Mg2+ 1,3
Potassium K+ 0,37
Carbonated Hydrogen HCO2 16 g/L
Nitrate NO3- 1,3
Sulfate SO24 11
Silicium SiO2 6,1
Carbon dioxide at the Spring CO2 9
Total Dissolved Solid at 180°C 36
Electric conductibility at 20°C 47 μS/cm
Temperature at the source 11,4 °C
pH at the source 6,52

Certified for excellent processes and engergy efficiency.


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