Premium Mineral Water
from the high springs of the Italian Alps.

The Source

Fiordilino is born at 1660m in the pristine environment of the Alps of Trentino, one of the most advanced and environmentally conscious regions of Italy, a pure and uncontaminated territory.

The Territory

Trentino-Alto Adige is one of the northern most beautiful regions of Italy and one of the least populated. It is almost entirely mountainous: its mountains elevates to an altitude of 2770 - 3900 meter. The region is rich in waterways and lakes with many protected nature reserves and parks. Trentino’s territory is often associated with the idea of green unspoiled spaces.

Where it begins

The iconic bottling plant was built in 1900. The main building underwent various modifications during the 20th century in order to adapt to the changing of production needs.

These parts have been renovated respecting the historical part of the building.

Since 2005 the company undertook a process of growth, embracing values such as sustainability and respect for the territory, with a current production capacity of 25.000 bottles per hour. 

The Product

Fiordilino. Pure Italian Taste. We offer Fiordilino as Blue label for still water (Naturale) and Red label for sparkling water (Frizzante) in three different sizes:

  • 0,75l in boxes of 12
  • 0,50l in boxes of 20
  • 0,25l in boxes of 20

The Premium Water

Fiordilino is a Premium mineral water bottled directly at the source exclusively in glass to preserve the water’s high quality and pure taste.

  • Nitrates 1.3 mg per litre: among the lowest in the market, indicates purity and absence of pollution.
  • 36 mg of total dissolved solids per litre: classified as one of the lightest water in Europe
  • pH 6,5: an ideal value
  • Sodium 1.2 mg/l: low level
Chemical-Physical Analysis Element mg/L
Calcium Ca2+ 7,24
Sodium Na+ 1,26
Magnesium Mg2+ 1,3
Potassium K+ 0,37
Carbonated Hydrogen HCO2 16 g/L
Nitrate NO3- 1,3
Sulfate SO24 11
Silicium SiO2 6,1
Carbon dioxide at the Spring CO2 9
Total Dissolved Solid at 180°C 36
Electric conductibility at 20°C 47 μS/cm
Temperature at the source 11,4 °C
pH at the source 6,52

Certified for excellent processes and engergy efficiency.


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